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The Old Community Group Standards are Officially Released, and LEELEN Leads the Industry in Strength

  • August 03, 2021

Recently, proposed and managed by the Liaoning Provincial Public Security Product Industry Association, Shenyang Telecom Planning and Design Institute Co., Ltd., Xiamen LEELEN Technology Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Security Technology Protection Industry Association and other units drafted the "General specification of security system for old community" group standards were officially released and implemented.


As a leader in the smart home and smart community industry, LEELEN always regards excellent product quality and innovative technology as the core competitiveness of the company, strives for survival by quality, and promotes development by brand. Over the years, LEELEN has actively participated in the formulation of various standards. It is the leading unit and the leader of the drafting group of the international standard for Louvre intercom, the drafting unit of the national standard for Louvre intercom, and the national standard for smart homes and smart communities. The editor-in-chief unit has a very high right to speak in the formulation of industry standards.


Since the establishment of the project, LEELEN has participated in it as an industry representative. Relying on years of scientific research experience and leading technology, LEELEN combined with long-term project application and landing experience, and put forward professional opinions, which have been widely recognized by other drafting units and expert members. It has played a great role in the continuous improvement and final formation of the standard.


After more than one year of project initiation, research, discussion, and review, the group standard “General specification of security system for old community " compiled by a multi-party force has finally passed the acceptance, and will be officially released on May 31, 2021. The comprehensive renovation of old urban residential areas provides security technical guidance and implementation standards, and provides reference for government planning and management departments, which has very important social significance. The standard stipulates the overall requirements, classification and configuration, status diagnosis, technical requirements, inspection, acceptance and maintenance, maintenance, etc. of the old community security system, Construction, inspection, acceptance and maintenance, maintenance.

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