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Accueil nouvelles Nouvelles de la société LEELEN Won the Shou'an 2020 Beijing Security Excellent Application Brand Award

LEELEN Won the Shou'an 2020 Beijing Security Excellent Application Brand Award

  • April 13, 2021

On March 31, the fourth member representative conference of the third session of the Beijing Security Industry Association and the fourth council of the third session was held in Beijing. LEELEN participated as the vice chair unit of the third session of the Beijing Security Industry Association. In addition, with its high-quality products and strong project landing ability, it won the Shou'an 2020 Beijing Security Excellent Application Brand Award.

Beijing Security Industry Association was established in August 2005. It is a non-profit social organization approved and registered by the Societies Office of the Beijing Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau. It is a 5A-level Chinese social organization evaluated by the Beijing Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau. This event aims at continuously improve the overall level of security engineering construction in Beijing, promote the concept of integrity, build high-quality security companies and outstanding brands in Beijing, increase social attention and support for the security industry, and accelerate the overall and healthy development of Beijing's security industry.

This selection is based on the security product brands that are widely used in Beijing security engineering construction projects. It follows the voluntary declaration of brand owners, recommended by the Beijing Security Association Expert Committee, local industry associations and, through online voting, expert review, and media publicity. The list of winners is finally generated in other links, which is fair and open.

Founded in 1992, LEELEN has been deeply involved in the security industry for nearly 30 years. Since 2004, it has won the honors of "China's Top Ten Security Brands" and "China's Top Ten National Security Brands" for many consecutive years. With the changes in market demand and the blessing of new-generation technologies, LEELEN has successfully transformed and become a professional smart home and smart community overall solution equipment provider. At present, LEELEN smart access control, smart door lock, digital building intercom and smart home products and solutions has been successfully applied to the construction of smart projects in multiple communities across the country, including Beijing, "smart, convenient, and efficient "Stable" has become LEELEN's new market label.

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