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Accueil nouvelles Nouvelles de la société LEELEN participated in the China Building Science Conference and Green Smart Building Expo

LEELEN participated in the China Building Science Conference and Green Smart Building Expo

  • July 02, 2021

On June 24-27, the first China Building Science Conference and Green Smart Building Expo jointly organized by China Construction Industry Association and China Foreign Trade Center was successfully held at the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Tianjin). As a leading company in the industry, LEELEN was invited to participate, bringing its blockbuster products and series of solutions to its brilliant appearance.

The National Convention and Exhibition Center (Tianjin) is the third national-level exhibition center deployed by the Ministry of Commerce in the country after Guangzhou and Shanghai. It is an important platform for realizing China's economic development strategy and building a new global exhibition highland. China Building Science Conference and Green Smart Building Expo is the first national exhibition hall launched by the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Tianjin). The exhibition lasts for 4 days and covers an area of 210,000 square meters. More than 480 units will participate in the exhibition. Construction will be held at the same time. There are more than 100 high-end forums in the industry, which is a grand event for the collision of ideas, technology integration and mutual development in the industry.

On the scene of this exhibition, LEELEN's exhibits met expectations and attracted the attention of the audience and professionals.

In addition, LEELEN also brings service-oriented smart community solutions, using technologies such as the Internet of Things, cloud computing, and AI, and adopts two technical architectures: cloud-end and cloud-side-end. With the smart home AI center and smart community AI center as the bridge, the community, home, and services are seamlessly connected, and diversified services and functions such as building intercom, video surveillance, and smart call elevators are provided. This solution is highly praised for its modular functions, expandable system, and support for personalized customization, and has been successfully applied to many projects across the country.

In the VR interactive zone, you can directly "live in" a futuristic home full of black technology by wearing VR glasses, experience turning on smart devices with one sentence, and turning on the scene mode with one click. It gives people the feeling of being on-site, which attracts many people. The audience lined up to experience.

Relying on its strong comprehensive strength, in addition to attracting onlookers and consultations from the on-site audience, the LEELEN booth has also attracted the attention of many media friends. On the afternoon of June 24, the media team of China Building Decoration Association visited LEELEN's booth. Bai Yiqi, general manager of LEELEN Tianjin Branch, received the media team and accepted an interview with reporters. President Bai mentioned that LEELEN is an innovative technology company integrating R&D, production, sales and after-sales service. It has always adhered to independent innovation, mastered core technology, and launched a series of products and solutions that have provided the company with rapid development. Powerful assistance.

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